Investing in real estate is a large-scale project that is of great interest, especially with the current development of this sector. However, this requires huge capital, so much so that sometimes you have to make a bank loan to buy the property. But in order to obtain the loan, the banks generally require the client concerned to insure the amount he intends to borrow. This is why it is necessary to seek the help of a mortgage loan insurance such as the CNP. With more than 12 million customers in France, CNP Group is one of the most recommended borrower insurers in Europe.

If you are looking for mortgage loan insurance, why choose CNP?

1 Offers a better quality of service

 1 Offers a better quality of service

Quality of service is one of the criteria to consider before choosing your home loan insurance. At CNP, counselors regularly receive training to answer all the questions and intrigues of borrowers. Training mainly concerns group contract guarantees, exclusion cover, duration of the clause, etc. CNP also follows the ISO 9001 quality standard throughout its activities.

In addition, its online service allows its customers to register directly at home, without having to move. Whether it is to fill out the health questionnaire, to sign the membership form or to handle the incident, this full online service is beneficial for the NPC advisers themselves as well as for the insured. For more information, you can come to the following website: !

In terms of pricing, CNP offers more than competitive rates to its customers. The rates are also very interesting because very low, especially for people under 35 years. They experience slight increases depending on the age group of the insured.

2 Insurance with a number of partners

 Among the advantages of the CNP, the fact that it is partner with many banks in France and Brazil through its subsidiary Caixa Seguradora makes it one of the best home loan insurance of the moment.

In France alone, its partners include a dozen leading banks such as ING Direct, Caisse d’Epargne, Mutuelle Générale, Banque Postale, Crédit Agricole and Crédit Immobilier de France.

Other European banks are also associated with the CNP. One example is Unicredit, which is located in Italy, or Banco Santander, located in some ten countries in Europe.

3 The simplicity of adhesion

 3 The simplicity of adhesion

NOC registration is quite simple if you are under 35 years of age and have no special health problems. In fact, you only have to fill out a quick form and do a medical check-up to be able to sign up for loan insurance with the NOC. For the other cases, a much more detailed questionnaire must be completed so that the latter can better study their situations.

On the other hand, the CNP, in order to allow everyone to register, follows the AERAS (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) convention, regardless of the social or financial situation. Thus, sick people can more easily acquire credits from the insurance. Similarly, people with low incomes can benefit from recoveries. The issues of premiums have been well studied and the conditions are much more flexible.

Thus, if you intend to apply for a bank loan for the purchase of real estate, the NPC can help you insure your loan. In addition to offering you a quality service , it also gives you the chance to subscribe whatever your situation, and all this for one of the lowest rates available and a very attractive rate.


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